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    Boasting international brands with extremely flexible management methods
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    100% villas, living-rooms, and bedrooms facing the sea and possess sea view
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    Developer commits to returns of 100% within 10 years or to bank guaranteed returns of 90% within 10 years

Mövenpick Villas are designed to follow Cham style with curved tiled roofs. The glass partitions and doors are deftly arranged to bring natural light filling the rooms. It is easy to enjoy the flowers and trees surrounding the villa from the inside. In particular, the rooms will be bathed in early morning sunlights which is extremely good for health thanks to the east-facing side design of the villa.

All 121 Mövenpick villas are designed to face the sea and possess sea views. Each villa is 400 - 650m2 large, space out over only one floor having one to three bedrooms, in addition to the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, toilet area, and private pool.

All 121 Villas use superior doors and large glass partition systems of Eurowindow.

Master plan Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort


Mövenpick Villas 01 bedroom

The 1 bedroom Mövenpick Villas: have an area of 400 – 450 square meters, having 1 bedroom, 1 living room connected with dining room and kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 dressing room and private pool. Not only do all of the Mövenpick Villas face the sea and possess sea-view but also all living rooms and, bedrooms of the villas are designed towards the sea and able to see the sea. Importantly, the architects also designed a terrace for each villa to drink tea and watch the broad sea, enjoying the relaxation of the vacation.

Mövenpick Villas 02 bedrooms

The 2 bedroom Mövenpick Villas: have an area of 470 - 530m2 having 2 bedrooms, 1 living room connected with dining room and kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 1 dressing room, private pool and a large terrace to take sunbathse and enjoy the boundless and majestic sea. Thanks to the special designs, all of the living rooms and bedrooms of Mövenpick Villas are facing the sea and possessing sea views.

Mövenpick Villas 03 bedrooms

The 3 bedroom Mövenpick Villas: have an area of 550 – 650m2, having 1 living room, 3 bedrooms that face the sea and possess sea-view. The living rooms are designed to connect to the dining room and kitchen, which makes it very convenient for daily life. There are also 1 dressing room, 4 bathrooms and a private pool. All of the villas use wooden floors, which create a warm and friendly atmospher. The large glass partitions separate individual areas with different usages separated but do not limit the views that bring it closer to the outside beautiful nature.

Investment Opportunities

“The developer provides as part of the Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort project special offers: Coastal resort real estate is becoming a highly profitable investment that attracts many investors. Currently in the market there are a number of coastal resort real estates, however Mövenpick Villas have superior characteristics as follow:”

Mövenpick Villas – International branded real estate:

All of the villas are officially under the Mövenpick Villas brand, which adds more value and prestige to the resort real estate. It ensures that the quality of design, construction, maintenance, and management are all done based on the five-star Mövenpick Group standards. Investors can use, make transactions, or transfer under Mövenpick Villas brand.

In the market today, most of the resort in Vietnam are run by international mangement companies, but only for hotel operating purpose, the residential parts are not allowed to be traded and be possessed under these management brands. In contrast, a number of resorts that are allowed to be traded and be possessed under a brand are built, operated, and managed by domestic developers with their own standards. With Mövenpick villas, the purchasers can purchase, transfer and use the villa under Mövenpick Villas trademark.

Mövenpick Villas have extremely flexible management methods:

Investors can participate in the sub-lease program with high returns, and are able to stay at the villa for up to 180 days per year. It is both a profitable real estate and a 2nd house that can be proactively used.

Mövenpick Villas

All of the villas are spaced out on one floor and have a sea view. Thanks to the staggered arrangement and height disparity of 3.5 meters, not only 121 Mövenpick Villas themselves are facing the sea and possessing sea views but also all of their living rooms and bedrooms. This is an extremely important criterion, which is crucial in enhancing the value of the coastal resort villas. With the unique design that all villas possess sea views, Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort villas deserve to lead the luxury coastal resort real estate segment in Vietnamese market.

Safe investment opportunities, high profitability, bank guarantees of committed profit levels:

The developer commits to share 85% profit of rent and not less than 10% per year for 10 years. This is the highest profit commitment currently in the resort real estate market.

In addition, to ensure greater safety for the investment, it is possible to choose a plan guaranteed by VP Bank for a profit commitment of minimum of 9% per year for 10 years. Mövenpick Villa is the first and only resort property in Vietnam implementing bank guarantee for profit commitment policy.

Purchasers are also supported through long loans, up to 70 % of the villa value. This is an extremely preferential loan policy, which is highest in the market today.



Perspective of Cam Ranh Mövenpick Resort


Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort is premium five-star hotel project, which is managed by Mövenpick Group and is designed by world famous designers following a mixed style of modern and local architecture. The resort development has 121 luxury villas, 250 five-star international standard hotel rooms, a Condotel area of 96 resort apartments and plenty services, amusements and recreations including a Swiss village, the golf courses, tennis courts, a beach club, restaurants and kid entertainment areas having a lot of abundant and diverse games.